About Us

FashionItzy is a boutique specializing in children's clothing. We pick and pull together the cutest outfits for your kiddos and offer them in our Pre-order Collections to get the best price available. To stay up to date on the latest pre-orders, visit our Facebook group buy page: www.facebook.com/groups/FashionItzyBoutique/

A little about us. We are a hubby and wifey team! She does the buying and curating of outfits along with marketing and sales. He does the behind the scenes website design & maintenance, product stocking, order picking and shipping. At home, we have two beautiful girls who have almost all but grown out of the cute toddler and youth sizes we offer. They are still however our inspiration to keep curating our collections for you all!

Thank you for your business!




E-mail- FashionItzyBoutique@gmail.com